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My understanding of his article is that the cube is more about how safe/dangerous an area will be once the reset button is hit. He was trying to give a simple way to evaluate where it will be most likely to start using a simple method that everyone understands. Again, this was my take. If we want to get very very very complicated, the only safe place is on your very own deserted island that is 100% self sufficient. If you have more than 1 person, arguments and disagreements will happen. If you have more than 1000 people you will have tribes form – like hangs out with like. The tribes will form coalitions and remove other tribes. Then the coalitions will break up and the individual tribes will fight again. It has happened since time began. It is simple for us, we are looking at what we can do now to put us in a better position when SHTF. It is a tool for reviewing your location, the same way as some want to be near a mall/school/beach/whatever. If you look at the cube as a method for selecting a location to live, it could be useful. Is there more to it? Yes! The cube is like saying you should go run to get in shape. Nothing more nothing less.