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Hi Tolik! I am the first one to tell you I am not a seasoned cattle rancher/farmer. Only 5 years. But here on the east coast, in areas where the acreage cattle are kept on is measured, usually at most, double and triple digits (not by the thousands), many every-day, regular farmers (not breeding for high dollar progeny) still do put the bull out with the cows in a field. More so now in this economy. The fees for artificial insemination are getting outrageous. Around here typical is 100 acres max, as a norm – 25-50 or less.

With the cattle shortage (lowest number of head in this country since the mid-fifties) farmers around here are doing everything to save a buck and make even bigger profits. Yeah! Letting nature take its course is one of them. The city folk that make their way out here the last few years are often deciding to ‘oh lets have a romantic picnic in that pretty field’. They don’t even think about it being someone’s property …it’s just ‘pretty’ so they ‘should’ be allowed to ‘enjoy’ it. Right. Last year around here in our county in six months, 6 people were injured and one died…’death by cow’. Stupid a** people. Probably waved their $200 picnic table cloth at them and the lady in her heels couldn’t get out of the way of the herd fast enough.

I think it depends on where it is you are locating. In the US, west of the MS most cattle farms equals more acreage (always small holders to consider of course. Here in the east it is usually different.

Thank you so much for sharing that from your experience. I hadn’t thought about it in a more overall terms for people here in this country. See? Love it. You learn so much already from people on here.