That’s a conundrum. Are you looking for an electric drill or a hand drill?

See, the conundrum is that things like a Brace and Bits, the eggbeater drill, those things are still being made, but the work is farmed out to the Chinese and the Hindus… their quality tends to… well, frankly their quality sucks the big hairy meatball…

If it were me, I would do an online search for “Vintage Tool Dealers” or “Antique Hand Tools”. There are several online who deal in only the best high-quality tools from our grandfathers’ time… I also scored quite a few good tools off of Ebay. If there are antique stores near you, hit those up. Sometimes they have diamonds in the rough..

If worst comes to worst, try Woodcraft. They sometimes carry good stuff.

I have both a Brace and Bits as well as the old eggbeater hand drill. They’re good stuff.

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