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You might accomplish what you envision and I don’t really want to step on your idea. However steam is just a big old pain really.

I do think there are easier & safer methods to reach the same objective of having electrical power. Solar and wind come to mind. Very little labor after is is installed.

Steam has explosive potential and burns from live steam. 15 psi is all that is considered safe unless you pressure test the system. The boiler has to be in good shape and the water should to be free of minerals or the tubes load up fast. They flush them once a year with a treatment to de-calcify the tubes and eventually end up replacing tubes as they corrode. The the mills have water treatment equipment to go with the boilers. The pressure gauges should be calibrated to ensure that they are working, as well as the pressure relief valves.

You need lots of fuel for the boiler all year so in the summer you are still burning wood or fuel of some type. On top of that most of the heat energy is wasted due to poor heat ex-changers.