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Wow. South Africa’s woes are continuing to spiral downward – Cape Town is about to entirely run out of water, apparently. Other than “move,” the rhetorical question is, “What does a huge population do when an entire city has no water?” I’ve seen nothing on this until just happening to see a tiny piece at the very bottom of the CNN home page headlined: “A major city will likely run out of water soon.” It’s tiny, and dwarfed by a much larger adjacent story about Patty Hurst’s kidnapping and bank robbery 44 years ago – obviously much more important.


And on that entire page, as it’s currently set up, the CNN home page has absolutely zero stories about the locating of the missing FBI text messages and their content. But we are treated to stories about the possible finding of America’s last possibly slave ship in Alabama, Stormy Daniels’ friend speaking out about Trump, and that “Trump is not getting along with his chief of staff — again.” But a major catastrophe brewing in once-beautiful South Africa? A tiny story at the very bottom of the page where no one will likely see it. Yes – read the “news” and be informed!