Mr. Red
Mr. Red

For me, alternate power sources would need to be protected. Without that it’d take me a while to rig up something to make electricity (and without tit all of my protected electronic devices would just become a dead weight). Then it would be communications, like you said, a ham radio and other comms gear. I’d love to have hard copies of all the books and pdf’s I have in electronic form, and hopefully I can get around to getting that done, but until then my iPad, laptops, and external hard drives will have to be protected.

Not sure how well some tools and stuff would hold up to an EMP, but I’d think that you might want to protect welding machines and the like. Even stuff like your volt meters may be prone to damage from EMP.

Also, I’d want to keep my cell phone in tact, mainly because of the photo/video option. That being because you can use it for intel gathering, recording important stuff, and, maybe, being able to post them all up on a forum once things begin to normalize to show how you did lol. It’s also a morale booster, keeps you feeling semi-normal.

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