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Buffers help with case mouth dents and damage, but if you aren’t going to reload for it, all you are doing is saving the paint.
Typically, the fired case comes out hard enough to bounce off and protect your right flank.

Pick up a spare bolt buffer, it’s in the front of the stock and will eventually wear out.


The little cocking lever spring that holds the lever down is another part I’d grab, it’s annoying at best when they break.


I will order a couple of those parts to keep on hand. Thank you….

As for the case buffer, I do reload and was actually concerned enough about my brass that I was seriously considering just running steel case through this rifle if I didn’t find a solution. As a matter of fact I run a Dillon 550, a couple Lee presses (1 turret, 1 classic, 1 .50 BMG) and have 2 MEC shotshell reloaders. I have a small fortune in reloading stuff….. Anyway: Since I will be going with a claw mount I should be able to get one of those snap on type case buffers rather than have to get a deflector soldered/welded on, right? Is that the best way to go?