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We continue to work on building the outdoor kitchen that I will use as a summer kitchen and canning kitchen. No sense in heating up the house in the hot, hot summer of Texas, then trying to air condition it back down to livable. We will move cooking outside where it sits right next to the garden…and the chickens just a stone’s throw away. It is a huge project and one that won’t be done quickly but we will continue to make progress.
The plants that are in the ground continue to need water. The potatoes got a huge layer of straw around them to help keep the ground cooler. They are growing like gang-busters. The inside pots of tomatoes, jelly melons, peppers, eggplants, roselle, and poppies need continual attention and the outside plants are getting their attention. There are the raised beds I am in the process of weeding and preparing for planting in a few weeks.
That just about does it for this week.