Nice! I hadn’t heard about this, but I like the idea and I am definitely trying it – thank you for the great tips!

Two years ago, I found a recipe online for oven-canning your own fruit bread (you bake it in the jar and it self-seals). I had some hesitation about it, but my mother told me to stop being such a pansy and just try it.

I am so glad I did! The bread lasted a year on my shelves (I made 8 pint jars from one recipe) and was so easy to just pop open and enjoy about once a month when I got the hankering for fruit bread. I made peach. Here’s the original post (below).


I know a lot of sites say that only USDA-approved recipes on canning should be used, and I agree it can get dicey if you are not familiar with canning or aren’t into sterilizing your stuff, but my own experience was that I didn’t die, and was very happy eating hassle-free peach bread for a year. :)