“Also, walking with your shoulders hunched, staring at the ground, meek.. marks you as prey. Walk with confidence, even if you don’t feel it or are scared to death. Head up, shoulders back, look people square in the eye, a purposeful stride. Be aware.”

Ha! You are so right, Malgus! Some years ago (over 25) I attended an Art Buyers Caravan Show in NYC on the waterfront docks (big warehouse/convention space–the show was for framer’s equipment/print distributors etc). I was negotiating with a distributor for my prints, so left late. No taxis in sight. Called one on the pay phone (no cells back then.) They refused to come to that neighborhood after hours. So I took the last shuttle bus to a hotel where most vendors were staying, thinking surely there would be a taxi available. Nope. But there were limos. The charge for less than a mile (to where I was staying) was $100. No thanks! One finally came down to $40. I was angry by then. So I took my hefty catalog case, and walked.

Yes, past warehouses, through Times Square (which was a ghetto back then), past the traffic backed up by a tunnel entrance, and to the apartment. I was so angry and determined, with a “purposeful stride” that said “Make my day!” Although I’m 5’4″ and 130lbs, no one even came near me. Guess they knew I would hurt them ;) and yes, I stayed aware of anyone within sight. But they never approached.