By the way … (for prep purposes) … the main reason I built a 7.62×39 AR15 is because that seems to be the most popular “alternate” caliber (as opposed to 556/223) we will encounter here in Texas if the SHTF courtesy of the racist lunatics in Mexico. Some of us here are hearing “chatter” (small talk in groups, etc.) from illegals as well as LaRaza political groups here that Mexico has been eyeballing an attempt at re-annexation (with or without actual Mexican govt. approval) of the southwest, possibly within the next 5-10 years.

I might want to point out that this was buzzing long before the Ukraine-Russia recent fiasco. For several years now we’ve had occasional shootouts in the Houston streets between rival smugglers which goes to prove they have no problems being here illegally AND being armed illegally.

I also gave consideration to possible UN actions over here and what caliber(s) they may be utilizing … (???) We’ve had UN “election monitors” here in Houston watching the 2012 elections and with our proximity to Mexico and our current political climate I don’t think it is paranoid to consider possible extreme scenarios. It would not surprise me that martial law is declared in the event of another hurricane Katrina/Rita/Ike and the UN is thereafter called in to “restore order”.

After Katrina, Bush sent out an international distress request and the Mexican Army dispatched a significant number of uniformed troops north to San Antonio in response and were there for a while. Although mostly what they did was prepare meals and provide first aid for the Katrina evacuees, IMHO their presence was a little too well-received by a lot of the reconquistas in San Antonio. This past summer was very hot and dry here in the Gulf Coast area where I live and we had a colder winter here also this year compared to years running in the past and I fear the Gulf will get restless again this summer.

Any other advice and knowledge regarding small arms prep that I need to do will be well appreciated. As Yall may be able to tell I am relatively new to this so please educate me if and when Yall may have the time.

Again … thanks for all the assistance and information thus far. God Bless … :-)

Many of them cried; "Me no Alamo - Me no Goliad" and for most of them these were the last words they spoke.