And it works in reverse, also. Many people seriously underestimate Bushrat (my husband) because he is quiet and unassuming (strong inside), no boasting or bragging. Yet he has vast knowledge and experience with firearms, mob scenes, surviving, defensive strategy, etc. In fact he has taught in many of these areas for corporations.

When I met him, I saw his inner strength which most women were blind to. (He had not had a date in two years…) As soon as we were a couple, women began to chase him. But of course, I am protective of what I value ;)

I agree, most people are unaware of how little they know. This can be a huge problem choosing associates in a survival situation; e.g., there is one ex-military man who is becoming a good friend. We trust him and would in a bad situation. But, although he reloads (as does Bushrat) he is careless about which primers and powders, etc, that he uses. Just anything he has on hand. Never tries to really educate himself. Bushrat and I cringe when he uses our chronograph…and stand behind a tree.

On the other hand, we each need the humility to seek more knowledge, skills, experience, and hopefully–wisdom to use them all correctly and at the right time. Arrogance kills.