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I don’t even remember any such critter at the previous location – I just remember one that was booted due to anti-Semitic stuff, and learned he died a few years ago. The only other truly obnoxious person there that I remember is the one that basically took over the place once the “barkeep” was unable to participate any longer. I credit the demise of that place to that fellow (wouldn’t post his handle here, but don’t even recall it anyway – I always suspected he was two different handles anyway).

I suppose the heads up is still worthwhile so that if he does show up it will be evident more quickly what we’re dealing with and we can simply completely ignore him, or PM Toby or Selco. The only problem is that he’d likely see the recent post and realize he has a new challenge to be addressed, or (more hopefully) just go away where he hasn’t been ID’d. In any case, Toby and Selco seem to be pretty quick about deleting cr@p once notified by us of true intruders. Not gonna lose any sleep over it in any case. But thanks for the heads up.