WOW … I really do appreciate all this detailed information. I’m going to slow down a bit and zero the iron sights first then later I’ll put the EoTech and patrol optic on and zero them separately.

I have the smaller EoTech on an AR15 in 7.62×39 caliber and an Aimpoint Patrol Rifle optic on a 556/223 caliber AR15 with a 1-in-7″ twist (do I have this backwards … any suggestions on which optic to use on which caliber … ???) with both rifles having the 16″ barrels. Both have been upgraded with Magpul pieces with the A2 birdcages for front sights and the magpul flip-ups for the rear sights. I have been using the Vietnam-era front bipod on the bench. I have yet to zero either rifle very well.

I was told to limit the 7.62×39 caliber to 100 yards only due to it’s ballistics. I wanted to zero the 556/223 with both 55 grain and 62 grain rounds and record the settings for each somehow that way I can possibly do a quick adjust if I change bullet weights. I’ll get some sandbags and see what happens. Thanks for taking the time to explain the 6/3 and 8/3 method as I think that is a great idea. Thanks again gentlemen for all the help. :-)

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