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-Tell your friends (‘specially the wine drinkers if their wine isn’t from a box) you are making XXXX project or something
-When SHTF if you have or scavenge good containers/bottles but need to secure the contents corks can do the job! Can never have enough.
-TIP: If you need to carve/cut a cork to fit the opening of something? If you are doing a few of same size? Mark them with a sharpie or ‘scar’ the outline of what you think will fit the opening. (You can fine tune that once dry. Get a sieve or collander if multiples of same size (hot water in a mug for one or two) that will fit down inside a pot. Boil water. Turn off or remove from heat. Dump in the cork(s) (they will of course float). Either stick something on top of them to hold them down or stir every few minutes. When swollen, remove. The corks will then not crumble and fall apart on you when you cut/shave them.