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If you have, or come to hang around a pond after SHTF and you see a pipe sticking up in it (or see an outlet pipe at the base of the dam) take note:
-know and record somewhere/mark with rock where the pipe is on the land side (i.e. about ten feet out from the xxxon land side)
-if it has a screened cover over the pipe, make sure it stays clear of debris, thick algae and the like. Check often in spring and summer after heavy rains. If it doesn’t have a screened cover, make one quick (use 1x square wire or less)!. I use a bird cage that I removed the bottom from because it has a hook on the top I can use to remove it with a very long, flexible aluminum pole so I don’t have to get out the john boat and can reach it from the land side)
– BE CAREFUL! If the screened cover is clogged, the water is over the top of it and you pull it off – it short order you will hear a BIG boom/burst of sound and anyone down near the outlet pipe is going to get hit with a forceful water blast
– Pull/try and reach lower with a sharp tool and remove as much as you can of any cattails you may see start growing. While cattails are very useful for many things, if you are going to depend for long on the pond for water, they will quickly take over a pond.

Why this advice? This morning neighbor down road called. Coming to get my john boat. Weh ave had so much snow/rain his pond has severely overflowed, flooding several pastures and threatening to erode (and burst) the dam – not a good thing for people down stream. He DOES NOT remember where the hell the overflow pipe is now ; and he DID NOT have a screen on it. The outlet pipe is obviously plogged up with winter debris/sticks/leaves and or dead something. This is going to cost a bunch of time and money to find it and unclog a 35′ 12″ diameter pipe.

IN SHTF: if you run across a pond that’s full look on the downside of the dam at the outlet pipe. This area is usually always wet, a small pool of water at the base as it runs off and attracts wild life. Hide somewhere near it and you will have all manner of smaller game show up to hunt. Darn snapping turtles around here bury themselves in the shallow mud there too!


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