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I am also living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.
I have to concur everything Leopard has said about this beautiful country and the challenges we are facing on a daily basis.
Its a way of life to have 6 foot walls with an extra 3 foot fencing on top of that. Having guard dogs outside and smaller ones inside. All windows MUST have burglar bars and private security and alarm system outside and inside the house. I have my firearm on me most of the time and a spare near my bedside.
We only allowed 200 rounds per weapon which is nothing.
Every time your dogs barks you have to get up and go check through the windows if there an intruder.
South African weapon laws state that (I simplified it a bit) :
– if an intruder jumps over your wall , you are not allowed to shoot . The reason is that he might just be looking for some water. It sound stupid I know.
– if an intruder breach your second line of defense and enters your home you are still not allowed to shoot or attack the villain.
– if the intruder is not armed with a gun you certainly not allowed to shoot.
– if the intruder is armed you still not allowed to shoot.
– basically you are only allowed to shoot if the intruder points a gun at you or runs toward you with a knife or some other weapon.

So many legal, law abiding, tax paying citizens lost their lives because of fear of the law to defend themselves.
So many men was arrested for protecting their property and families. Only to be locked up in jail to be gang raped by the racists and the police allows that to happen out of pure hatred.
Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide watch has put South Africa on level 6 (level 7 is the extermination, and level 8 is the denial stage).

I lost family members through brutal farm murders. If you Google this you will find spine chilling photos. The government says its only robbery but you don’t disembowel or behead someone to rob them, you don’t torture old people and rape them to rob them, you don’t drown a young boy in boiling water to rob him.
You don’t pick up a 3 year old girl with her hair and shoot her execution style to rob them.

The black people of our country also go through the same issues. only difference is they have the guts to stand together and hunt the criminal down and execute him in public to make a point. Even the police are scared to go out to murders and shootings. They usually get to the crime scene an hour or more after.

South Africa has lost more people in farm murders than America lost soldiers in the Iraq and Afghan wars combined. To be a South African farmer is the most dangerous profession in the world.

But even through all this we still love our country and is proud to be South African even though we are all from European decent. Our forefather landed here in 1652 and found a stunning country rich all natural minerals.

Hope this is not too morbit but just a reality check.

– i