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I might be mistaken for I didn’t go to law school, although I have read a few law books and Black’s……. BUT:

Sessions pushed law interpretation back upon the federal judges and never really engaged enforcement from what I read. The basis for this, according to DOJ statements that I also read, was regarding a need to enforce STATE oversight. There was an example (and my mother lives just across the CO/NM border on the south side so there is some anecdotal support from her and my aunt) regarding many pot shops being taken over and run by Mexican gangs in one statement. My mother had lots of health issues so she uses several types of CBD products. I guess her last few trips to the shop she USED to go to really scared her. There were armed, tattooed, thuggish looking guys in the parking lot guarding the place. She said that she drove by, went to WalMart, drove back by, went to the grocery store, drove by again, went to Dollar Tree, and then went by a last time. These guys were still there. She asked locals about it and they confirmed that these types were now there all the time and the ownership/staff had “changed”. Whatever that means.

This was also the response that my friends (I have several friends that grow and/or work in the ‘green’ industry) got from their lawyers. The rolling back of the enforcement was required to go after gangs and criminals that have moved into CO growing/selling industry.

Only time will tell, but I think the box has been opened on this. There is now enough scientific evidence that proves MJ is not as bad as was originally thought.