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Best wishes to all for Health, Prosperity, and (dare I say, in Mr. Sessions’ USA?) Liberty, from warming Northeast Ohio, where it’s 72F (inside) and somewhere between the temperatures of Mar A Lago and Nome outside.

For all the frickenfrack about cannabis, nothing has really changed about the Fedgov’s approach. Nor will anything of importance change about their success rate at forcible suppressin. Ever since articles have been published about the various agenices’ efforts to intercept and prevent the sale and distribution of various consciousness-altering substances, the intercept figures grow from year to year, but the estimated percentage of total “trade” remains 10 – 15%. In other words, overall, it’s a growth industry. Either Mr. Sessions is consciously playing the game, or he’s just trying to create more jobs in the Police-Legal-Jail sector of the economy.

Cry, "Treason!"