Putin is the best leader for that country , we need to keep our ass out of the Ukrainian thing , hell , we cant even take care of our own house ….much less keep interfering with somebody else’s . Like WE are pure as the driven snow ………………….how did we get Texas ? or have we forgotten that . Crap , if it came down to an election between Obummer and Putin , ……..lets see now ……..
*Putin would secure the boarders
* Putin would balance the budget
* Putin doesn’t like ****
* Putin protects Christianity
* Putin would get minorities back into perspective
* If Mexico screwed with Putin , the way they have us for decades ….they would get a long overdue pounding .
* Putin would not be goose stepping all over the globe at the slightest opportunity ( Seriously folks , we are now worse than the Soviet Union that way now , there is not a war , our government doesnt want to be in )
What about the Constitution you say ? well I like it too , but considering the fact that our own government has been diluting and bypassing it , to the point where they dont even try to hide it anymore , given that ….then yeah , Putin would get my vote .
PUTIN 2016

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