He ignores politics completely , but in a civil war situation ITS ALL ABOUT POLITICS almost 100% .– Tolik

This area of the country, the Appalachian Mountains here in Kentucky and Tennessee, well… most folks have heard of Bleeding Kansas, but few know that during the last Civil War, the fighting in these hills and hollers was as bad, if not worse, than in Kansas. Bushwhacking, assassinations, arson, folks flat-out disappearing forever… it was dirty, backstabbing warfare.

I see no reason why the next one won’t be the same… the racial aspect? Well… I have my personal feelings, same as anyone else, and you can’t hang a man for what he thinks. If I had to lay money on it, I’d say it would break down black vs white, black vs hispanic, white vs hispanic, EVERYONE vs the muslims. I don’t think class differences will mean so much within one’s own race. Everyone will be in the same boat, more or less. But folks will tribe up. (Halfbreeds, or bi-racials, will be automatically suspect – exactly where do their loyalties lie? In Haiti in 1804, the black Haitians genocided every white man, woman, child and infant on the island, except for the white females who agreed to have bi-racial children and breed themselves out of existence. When they were done slaughtering whites, they started chasing down the lighter skinned mulattoes.)

Sooner or later, eventually, word will get to one group or another about some alleged atrocity that was committed by the other group, and then comes payback. Or, if someone is feeling particularly Machiavellian, execute a false flag – they can goad or attack one group and make it look like a different group did it, provoking a reprisal. Your enemies tear themselves to pieces, burning up their strength, while you sit back and husband your resources… pretty soon, your group is the strongest one left. It’s happened before…

Folks will tribe up for protection, strength in numbers. Like tribes will ally with each other against “outsiders” or “others”… loners will die quickly. I really don’t see much racial diversity happening… frankly, most of the people I know are sick to death of that crap…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1