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But the “fight” at the moment should be to understand as clearly as possible who and what the enemy is, and to spread that understanding as clearly, and as widely to as many potential allies as possible. Improve the odds!

I could not agree more. I would just say that my participation in this line of discussion has to remain limited in this thread, because I truly believe that the answer to all that, would best be discussed in the Religion & Faith portion of the Forum. I believe we’re dealing with fundamental evil that goes far beyond the George Soros’ of the world that simply carry it out. The solution is to help as many as possible to remember the origin of everything we have on this earth, and therefore to whom we owe our primary allegiance. But as I said, I think that if that’s to be discussed in the Forum at all, it belongs in the Religion and Faith area. And each of us will approach it from our own perspectives and belief sets anyway. Still, that doesn’t stop the needed refocus in this nation, and potentially the extra help that could come as a result. There is much wisdom in the 34th Psalm. And I’ll leave that alone further here.