Erm… it’s sort of a lot.

Full set of carpentry hand tools:
– Set of Stanley planes, #2 through #8
– Tongue and groove planes.
– Radial planes, various spokeshaves
– Various block/rabbet/specialized planes.
– Saws – crosscut, rip, buck, dovetail, razor, coping, fret, tenon, back saw, stair saw, etc..
– Chisels. LOTS of chisels. From tiny 2mm chisels to giant 4 inch wide slicks..
– Assorted woodcarving tools – gouges, etc.. lots of them
– Various hammers and mallets. Estwing and also self-made.
– Brace and bits, eggbeater drill, bits, etc. All the way up to 2 1/2″ auger..
– Measuring stuff/leveling stuff/plum bobs, etc..
– About 9,000 screwdrivers/turnscrews…
– Some timberframing tools – adzes, slicks, various axe types
– Files. Metal and wood. Lots of them.

Plus lots more user-made esoteric crap that nobody has ever heard of before (probably) that dates back to the 19th century or earlier… then there’s the mechanics tools for working on the trucks/tractor… then the gunsmithing tools… then pioneer tools (shovels, sledgehammers, pickaxe, mattox, etc)…

Next up, I have to build a shop. A proper ‘smithy shop. Single phase power. Might or might not rig a proper diesel genny with a big ole tank of diesel for if/when TSHTF. OR, I might get a donkey steam engine and hook it up to a genny… totally depends…

And if my boy shows promise apprenticing with the blacksmith, he gets his own shop, which is another whole world of tools to deal with…

You guys have to remember – some of this stuff I inherited, some I purchased, some I acquired along the way, some I was given, some I actually found… it represents a lifetime of accumulation.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1