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Tolik, with all due respect, and recognizing that you’re basically on the same team as the rest of us here (not counting the recent Botniks LOL!), I think you’re missing something very obvious here. First, “they” already ARE in charge. In this case, “they” are the members of “them” that wear the suits, not the face masks. These “they” are hiding behind official titles in Federal buildings. So the Feds are highly UNlikely to make a move against “them,” given the fact that there are so many of “them” IN the high places, obviously calling the shots.

We now have the most overt public evidence ever in our history that there are very powerful, deeply embedded people in DOJ, IRS, EPA, NOAA, and many other Federal agencies, perhaps even the President’s own Cabinet, that are undermining the very fabric of this (former) Republic’s government. And no amount of oversight by agency bosses (i.e. the President’s supposedly hand-picked Cabinet members) has been able (or perhaps willing) to root them out and can their a$$es. The fact that Andrew McCabe is going to be allowed to just simply retire at age 49 with 21 years at the FBI after his involvement in undermining the election, and Lois Lerner was able to retire at her inflated salary without penalty, and who knows how many other high-ups with the same scenario, is more than ample evidence that we really have been taken over from within.

Donald J. Trump will only do enough to keep his die-hards happy, because to really wade in and start firing people big time, and truly drain the swamp, would likely unleash forces on his financial empire that he’s simply unwilling to endure. He would (if he has not already) quickly find out that the Trump Empire could be taken down in very short order by forces wielding power he can only dream of. And there is nobody for the American people to fight beside, because there aren’t enough of the American people with sufficient education or understanding left to even want to fight – until the steam roller is going over their homes as they wake up to the sickening crunch of cheap building materials in the middle of the night.