Regions of the country make a difference as well , racial things ? absolutely , but considering that Blacks are only 17% of the US population , they will get smoked by Whites and Hispanics ,any obvious Muslims will get smoked on principle by all . Blacks will have small areas , but will not be able to expand out very well from them , in affect they will be trapped in their pocket . look at the prison system for racial models , not to sound like a nazi , but Blacks have always been considered the lowest common denominator by many races , this is unfair , BUT it is real in bad situations , in a prison , the Blacks are the ones that Get backstabbed first , by both Whites and Hispanics . Whites and hispanics may hang together , hispanics and blacks may hang together , whites and blacks may hang together ….but when **** goes down , more often than not , blacks are on their own, when all is said and done . Now expand on that to neighborhoods and regions . This will happen . The PC movement has done more to damage race relations than any factor in our history . But that is just one factor , survival is all about resources , that will be the overwhelming goal of all . Securing the basics will be top priority for everybody on the ground , I would put the racial stuff in the same category as politics , because it is , in its most instinctive and basic form . At some point and many deaths later , some rudimentary stability will be obtained . The problem with this model , is this is all assuming NOBODY is in control , no government ……………………….in the US , I cant buy into that scenario , the last one we had was about taxation and politics , it was organized , etc . I strongly feel that the next one will indeed be political as well . One thing that has bothered me about BOTH the left and the right , is both seem to be under the impression that in order to have one , you need to get rid of the other form of government ………that is only true if we are talking about Communists and Fascists , both the enemy of humanity , right or left . Socialism in itself is not Unconstitutional , the Constitution does not deal with that , its about how the government deals with the people , things it can not do , the Bill of Rights , however , Tolitarian socialism IS unconstitutional . Thats what the leftists dont understand . They think getting rid of the Constitution is an improvement ? they have a rude awakening ahead . I for one , am an independant , that means I can think for myself , As far as the governments dealing with the citizen goes , I’m a libertarian , as far as what social things we have goes , I really dont care , as long as the American people vote for it . I really dont care about much other than keeping the Constitution intact 100% restored . ……………..and this my friends , is where the politics are going to spill over to armed conflict .
just my 2cents