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I got the list from an article by an economist regarding economic collapse. It was a list of various scenarios. Agree with you totally on price of oil or Cat 5 hurricane. Would not be pleasant but would not bring country to it’s knees.

As I said in my post, I think the first item is the one to watch. If T bill interest goes up, even running the printing presses full time would not enable us to meet our debt obligations. It’s like that variable rate mortgage. As long as interest is near zero payment is easy. Jump that to 7% or higher interest and all of a sudden your mortgage payment is more than you can afford.

The other thing that concerns me is if China and Russia say we don’t need your petrodollars to do business, and by the way, we are getting rid of our T bills. Like a bank run, once confidence is lost, the collapse begins.

Wanted to get other’s input. When it happens, most will be surprised. Just hope that if we keep our eyes and ears open, we may have some warning. Sense ti’s coming. Just not sure if it’s ten days, ten months, or ten years.