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Hippies are really no more. Antifa and the “alt-left” are one in the same anymore. The real problem with the way that things have progressed in America dives straight to the fact that our failed and disgruntled from the business sector tend to be the ones teaching our kids in public school and colleges. When the kids were in school, I took the time to ask their teachers (and every teacher I run into) how they ended up in that profession. It is really a VERY small group that actually went to school with aspirations of being a teacher. Most of those seemed (in my experiences) to be extreme leftists that were there to “mold” children’s minds into a being of their choosing. The rest all seemed to be failed in real life so they fell into teaching. Of all the teachers I have talked to that are still teaching today I have only come across about a half dozen (all veterans) that actually got into teaching to make the kids into better people. All of them confirmed my hypothesis through their own experiences to the point where I would almost dare to state my beliefs as a theory. It is really sad, imo, that our education system has fallen to these levels of social experimentation above being a place to learn.

Don’t even get my started on our institutions of “higher” learning. Between them pushing globalization during my MBA program, the crazy liberal agendas pushed down our throats, and even the offhand pro-socialist comments during my IS classes (second Master’s degree) were enough to make me want to vomit.

Socialism will always fail once the elites run out of the plebian’s money. It has been proven time and time again. Unfortunately, the brainwashed mouth breathers that have sucked down the BS that their teachers, professors, and the media feed them feel that they have to revolt because they are not getting everything that they are entitled to. It is like the “I want my fair share” protesters from Atlas Shrugged has finally come off the page and into my life…..

Who is John Galt?