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Amazing that anyone would want communism when they know it has failed everywhere

Unfortunately, that assumes those actively pursuing communism are naive or stupid (not the millenials that have been dumbed down to where they have no clue about the true history and therefore are both naive and stupid). There are those that actually, truly, deeply believe in Marxism, which has been labeled communism for common use because it’s now more associated with socialism since that’s become mainstream, and everybody knows just how wonderful that it because under socialism everybody will be equal!!! [sarc/OFF]

Seriously, the folks behind Democratic Socialists of America (which used to ADVERTISE its congressional members, but decided that was too much of a liabilty, so it’s now underground again even if shallowly), RevCom.us (Revolutionary Communist Party of the US), etc., truly are dedicated, and neither naive nor stupid. And it’s been that dedication that has enabled the teachers unions and federal education officials to shove a new curriculum down the throats of parents that further groomed our children. Now those children are parents, and they’re just fine with the now-standard curriculum, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and other such manifestations of the ‘movement.” Even Hillary is now portrayed by the left as too far to the “center” (wherever that is) for them. Add the “news” media into the mix, and it’s virtually a done deal now.

I used to wonder just how it was all being so masterfully orchestrated/controlled, with so many strings being pulled, to get so many different professions, groups, etc., all aligning toward the same end, even both “major” political parties. It’s now come together, and is actually very simple to understand, but few will choose to. So I over-simply just call it fundamental evil, and will leave it at that. Any way it’s portrayed, it’s still very real. Kids now days have no clue what they’re really espousing.

As to having failed everywhere it’s been tried? That’s part of the facade. It has not. If classic “communist” strategy is well understood, it is evident that it is ever marching forward, as evidenced by the progression of general political beliefs in the US alone, over the past 50 years.