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I have to laugh, really LMAO…I’m sorry. But I was able to buy my farm and support myself, my sister, mother and 13 people for the last 25 years selling used stuff! A business that started actually by accident…just setting out to sell my own excess stuff one weekend day, before internet, CraigsList, eBay etc.Snow-balled. Been doing it almost half my life now. What we don’t accept to sell, gets donated to local nonprofits. What we don’t think/know they want we put in dumpsters. Have long-time dumpster divers have keys to dumpsters in exchange for taking out our ‘trash’ and keeping area neat. Even after they get through darn jerk people come wrap chains around the lock bar they then attach to pickup and try to bend the bar to pop the lids off. PIA!! If it didn’t cost me money or if they didn’t make a mess I wouldn’t care. But whatever…

I could write a fat book of what people do with stuff, say they are going to do with stuff…been a real trip. Maybe I’ll get out some memory sticks some time and post some pictures to inspire y’all.