My family didn’t get here till 1905. But still, they were producers. My 4X great Grandad, he owned a bookbindery. One here in the states, two others back in Germany. He employed people. Created wealth. Not only that, but he made books… the engine that fuels education, keeps history..

And now look at us… the parasites and moochers outnumber the producers. They’ve made it so difficult to start a business, I’m genuinely surprised anyone actually tries anymore… this ‘wealth redistribution’ nonsense is just theft and extortion under Color of Law. Our currency is toilet paper… fiat crap. And what started out as a homogenous Republic is fast becoming the Tower of Babel, courtesy of the weasels in Mordor. They have precious few jobs assigned to them by the Constitution – one of which is protecting our borders. Not only are the weasels NOT doing that, they are going out of their way to dissolve the borders and make the concept of US Citizenship a laughingstock… that, my dear friend, is treason.

So yeah, I’m convinced that the only recourse left for us (since petitioning the government doesn’t work, the courts are filled with party-appointed cronies – to include SCOTUS – and the sh*t-weasels themselves are bought and paid for shills..) is hitting the big Reset button.

And then, for a time, we will have true freedom and peace… and then the wheel will turn again.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1