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Mother G. Goose! I just chose Killington, at random, and looked at WeatherUnderground, and I see that next Wednesday they have a forecast HIGH of 1°F. Nope, nope, NOPE! I can’t even let my brain even TRY to remember back to what that felt like! Been there (Buffalo, anyway), done that, ain’t havin’ none of it. I’ll bet you wish that ol’ blob would just push its way up under some of the lakes and streams and give you some nice warm running water.

Seriously, I hope everyone stays safe, that vehicles work and/or communication with the rest of the world remains intact in case of emergency. That’s flat out dangerous. Don’t know how the folks in Siberia or Alaska do it, but somehow they do. My grandfather served with the Army Expeditionary Forces in Siberia during WWI (Intelligence Service), but he never talked much about it, so I don’t know how he did it, either. Sincerely though, I hope Christmas is otherwise a very comfortably warm experience for you all, more than just temperature-wise.