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I remembered someone back at Sierra Times saying, “Remember to aim for the ’10’,” and I actually looked closely at the placement of the helmet and what brain structures were in what position relative to the helmet. I was satisfied back then, but memory had faded, so I looked it up again just now. The “X” is too high and could even potentially result in continued consciousness, depending on the round. The “10” takes out multiple brain structures, not just the temporal lobe showing in the linked diagram, but the “9” even misses the brain stem (which would be fatal if hit, though), just causing a very uncomfortable but possibly survivable situation. The “10” gives you a bit of wiggle room and still largely guarantees s/he ain’t walkin’ away from it. Plus, there’s a better chance of also involving the ventricles with the “10.”

[The preceding is intended for educational purposes only, and not for any actual pre-planned behavior. Of course, that doesn’t count the pre-planning involved with what happens in the event blue helmets show up in MY neighborhood. ;-) ]