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There is a mod or two for the MSR Whisperlight to burn alcohol. It already burns kero white gas diesel ugh. This is one of those situations where they say it wont but it will. The one I have the international is an older design. It was universal. It has a pressurized bottle and needle valve. You have to preheat fuel like kero. Its fun to light but not on rain days or extremely cold mornings.

For just a plain alcohol stove we use the Origo, one and two burners. They also make a small heater. These burn hotter than a swedish stove because theyre bigger. More burning surface. Better stability for pans.

Colman fuel stoves burning Alcohol, good luck. For camping wind and alcohol dont mix. We used to burn kero in a kerosun heater. It had a huge wick. If you can control the heat output it could burn alcohol. Enough heat to put a 3 gal kettle on hanging from a tripod. The top of the stove has to be removed. Probably not recommended either.