I took a multi-level course call “shoot to live” (Similar to Gun Site). It is very intense with a number of levels, beyond IDPA type pistol shooting, but uses some of the same set ups hostage, bad guy, things, windows, doors, weak hand strong, scenarios etc. Force reloads, in the dark, low light up close, vehicles (FTF literally etc. Now one thing is for sure, the adrenaline dump WILL make you stupid as this course is designed to do. So practice, practice and some more etc. so it becomes memory. We are all preparing for “some” event. Being on your guard 24/7 isn’t realistic either. So train with what you are going to have access to understand threat levels and what will or could happen afterwards. Be sure to break it in (enough rounds down the tube to be sure it will work). The coldest sound you will ever hear is a hammer on a empty chamber. Follow that little voice in your head, if you feel strange, could be a reason, pay attention to around you. Look them in the eye, most will not look at you. I have stuff stashed all over close, and plans for other options. You can hide things in plain sight, which is good too and alternative cashes are good. I have found that synthetic wheel bearing grease is great for use, and cheap good to -20 and +600. Cleans up nice very similar but better than old GI lube pots. Made storage tubes made from PVC with sealed ends and a threaded cap work good too. I also use a vacuum sealer for stuff in tubes, sealing up EMP DOD rated bags etc. You can put a cell phone in a EMP bag, roll it up, presto no signal in or out. I have made false panels and panic exits. I have stuff stashed also. Bottom line, make sure you have ammo hardware and stuff stashed. My pre-64 50cents worth. thanks