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Tolic, Thank you for sharing. I also tell my loved ones that I love them when we part. I was 37 years old before my Father told me that he loved me( he demonstrated it many times over but never said the words). I resolved that my loved ones would not have to wait that long before I said the words. Some years ago, my Wife went down to check the mail( about half a mile) . When she didn’t return within a suitable time, I called to find out what delayed her but got no answer on her Cell. I called repeatedly but still no answer. Then my Son started calling. After a couple of hours, someone finally answered the cell and said he was an orderly in the hospital. He said my Wife had been in an automobile accident and could not come to the phone. Her neck was broken and she was in a coma for around two weeks. Now, neither one of us leaves the house without telling each other that we love them, but also kissing each other goodbye. It may be our last opportunity.