Roadracer, yes they are close friends of ours. She filed something, I would assume an insurance claim of some sort but to my knowledge she has received nothing. Other than business transactions I don’t think she has any confidence in banks anymore, especially since then (2007-2008) with the economy tanking, the bank closures, and the real estate tanking. They listen when we try to talk to them about what is really going on here, but they aren’t fully awake yet. I do know that whatever they had in safety deposit boxes previously isn’t there.

A side note, people that have important documents in safety deposit boxes will not have access to them when a bank holiday is declared. No one will get inside the bank for ANY reason. Look at what happened last year in Britain to their largest bank. The people had no access to their money. Not only that but when they did get money back, they DID NOT get all of it back. They were told they would not be getting it back. I think the amounts they did get back was about 3 weeks later, after no access to ANY funds??? Someone correct me if I am wrong on this. Imagine, this happened and they weren’t even suffering a collapse. Think what happens in a collapse, and YES it can happen here.