Mr. Red
Mr. Red

“There is a concern that the North Koreans actually have a satellite in orbit with a missile capable of yielding a blast that could create an EMP… it would explain why we kiss their ass, instead of pursue a hardline with them”

Yeah I’ve heard about that a couple times. With their so called “failed nuclear test” that had many people saying it was a perfect EMP device and not something designed to wipe out Seoul, that is a grave concern.

Lets say that they do have a massive EMP device on a satellite. They can pop that off over CONUS, then in about 5-6 months, maybe more maybe less, they could take a run at “re-unification by force”. I would imagine that if such an event were to occur, the U.S. would call home the majority of their troops. That would mean little to no U.S. reinforcements for S.Korea, or Japan.

Something to ponder, even if the likelihood of such an even is low, it doesn’t make it impossible.

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