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Don’t even worry about naming that other POS-track-everything search engine – “Just say NO!” LOL. If your phone browser will open http://www.startpage.com, use that as your search engine. They actually use the Gargle search engine for their results, but anonymize peoples’ searches entirely (i.e. the user is not trackable). I’ve got Startpage as my browser home page, and haven’t use the G-word search engine in probably a year or more. I also opened a StartMail email account (unlike the free Startpage search engine, the email is subscription based. but it also allows encrypted email if/when needed or desired). The Startpage search engine looks and acts almost identical to Gargle but also has a “proxy” feature on the 2nd line of each search engine return, allowing you to not only do the search anonymously, but also view the actual page anonymously. Some highly secure pages or ones that do a lot of tracking of visitors, won’t work or won’t let you see the entire page/site. But most sites are quite readable when using the “proxy” feature. That way we can go see what revcom.us is up to without anyone knowing about it on either side of the political spectrum, including Uncle, for example (hee hee).

I looked at some of the links. I was really impressed with the little 100cc lamp made from soft drink cans – pretty impressive work! And almost no cost involved if one has the tools and skills to put two cans together like that, plus the other parts. The creator has some nice skills.