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Granted, it’s a puff piece for VW

LOL! At least he disclosed it: “Volkswagen provided airfare, lodging, and meals to assist High Gear Media in bringing you this article.”

Alcohol just doesn’t look feasible for most people as transportation fuel, to me, in a post-SHTF situation. Too much engineering, and in the U.S. the cars simply aren’t built to take the alcohol – too much deterioration of lines, etc.

We pay through the nose due to government rules, but we’ve actually added about 2mpg and are burning a lot cleaner with non-ethanol gas. I found a site that lists all the non-ethanol stations in the U.S. both on a map, and in a city-by-city listing by state. It’s been very helpful on trips. The Feds are doing almost everything they can to make it impossible to find non-Ethanol gas. Ironically, the ethanol has to be added at the end-point in the bulk distribution chain – just before it goes to the individual stations. I can’t remember if that was solely a mixing issue, or if water also came into the issue. Either way, it’s angering that we pay so much more for the ADDED but less efficient ethanol, just before the gas is delivered to the pump. I thought it was the stations playing supply/demand games, but finally learned otherwise.

Sledjockey, I’d be interested to learn more about how you’re planning to use your alcohol. I suspect you’ve got a reasonably developed plan or you wouldn’t have invested in the distillation rig.