As Bushrat mentioned, we used to hunt jackrabbits at every opportunity in Idaho. No closed season since they are considered vermin and the locals loathed them. Actually they are very good eating–dark meat, plentiful supply, easy to find and shoot with a shotgun.

I devised a fast way to clean them–about a minute each–using a Gerber game shears. Take the hare, cut through the skin down the back (it’s very loose over the shoulders). Grasp the back/body just behind the front legs with your left hand, then snip off the head with the game shears. Next pull the head & skin down and back with your right hand, stopping to snip both front legs off just below the first “elbow” joint. The meaty body will remain in your left hand and entrails will come out quite cleanly along with the skin. Snip off the hind legs at the first joint (below the meaty thigh). All you have left now, is the tail which you snip off, then cut carefully around the anus and pull the gut forward with the mass of entrails/skin. Voila! Done in a minute.

Given, in a survival situation, you may want to salvage the pelt and the liver/heart. That method will take several minutes longer. But as we were not interested in the pelts nor the tiny liver/hearts, and often had several jackrabbits by the time dusk was falling, this was fast and easy.

We left the remains for the coyotes/birds of prey–which means if you are looking for really usable fur pelts, you can sit over the remains and wait for the coyotes. Think warm fur coat/mitts/hat for winter survival.

I cooked jackrabbit by rinsing at home with vinegar/water solution (to freshen and wash off any hairs), put them in a Dutch oven covered with beef consommé, garlic, onions, coarse ground black pepper and Italian herbs. Usually added a can or jar of tomatoes. Cook for a couple of hours in a 280’F oven, then add potatoes, carrots, more onion chunks, celery, whatever. Leave in the oven another hour, make biscuits, and enjoy!