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GS, as best I can tell, there’s a mantle inside that glass globe — makes sense — it takes a mantle (glass or asbestos fiber “cloth,” doped with chemicals which luminesce when heated to a high enough temperature) to covert heat into light.

As for your need to pump excessively, the pump usually has two items which require occasional maintenance— the seal on the plunger, usually leather which needs to be flexible, and to spread out to form a movable seal with the pump tube — and the check valve, usually a spring-loaded ball, like a single ball bearing which fits into a hemispheric seat. That needs to be clean, an corrosion- free. The pumps on Coleman lanterns are removable for servicing; I don’t know about Petromax, but would assume they are also. The leather plunger seal should be lightly lubed with petroleum jelly.

I don’t know about mixing alcohol with petroleum distillates; never tried it, but expect that alky and diesel wouldn’t be mutually solvent.

You may find this a helpful resource:


The term “self-pressurized” as it applies to alcohol burning devices means that the alcohol is delivered to the burner through a tube which itself is heated by (some of) the flame, so as to vaporize it, eliminating the need for a wick.

Cry, "Treason!"

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