Darin Prentice
Darin Prentice

on a side note,

i get a message from my cousin who has a claim near my lower camp, seems a logging company dug up our access road and piled logs then set them ablaze.reports of burnt smells coming from my trailer area, bout 1/4 km into the tree line. what they sometimes do is burn down line shacks, old cabins, and destroy any camps they come across. this discourages anyone from “camping” and leaves them free to clear cut. now an eco activist does this to big industry to make it too expensive for profit, and the court deems it a terrorist activity, and labels activists as terrorists.so laws are in place for our protection. the property is a staked claim, on an active claim site, under B.C. mineral titles,provincial forest steward contract and operated by an established company, suppoerted by co-owners of the claims.

when do we say enough? so i say anyone who trespass’s in order to hamper my ability to support and provide a livlihood for me and my family is legaly in the wrong and should make amends. others would say its an agenda of subterfuge to stimulate activism.
so off we go to the ministry of mines, and the process starts….had it been you and i who tore up industry’s road and burn down a trailer full of gear and supplies we would be in jail and labeled a terrorist according to minister of defence.. uh….but this dont apply because the trees they cut and left on the ground are still worth money, so they may dig up roads to restrict access. the burning they claim is an act of vandalism they say by activists or others.
, get rid of the locals and clear cut for profit.sorry but as a local there are no terrorists in the middle of no-where, these are acts of violence and should be protected accordingly.we will look into registering some kind of society for civil support.

Prepare, Preserve, Protect...

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