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That’s impressive. I’ve got an updated version of a Petromax (Britelyt), but that takes a lot of pumping, and is very quirky. I went through all the original mantles I bought for it originally, without success. I finally gave up for a while, after learning I wasn’t alone, and the guy that sold them quit, so I was out of luck despite the “great price” I paid for it. I finally got more mantles, but never got around to figuring out how to really start the thing. It’s a lamp, a heater, and it even can be set up to cook on top of it. It CAN use alcohol, but it’s not particularly recommended, unless it’s mixed 50/50 with another “approved” fuel (kerosene, diesel, even gasoline). With winter coming on, I really ought to use this as my motivation to finally get this thing running, and get used to it. There are a lot more videos and instruction available now than when I first purchased it. Hopefully I’ll eventually decided I didn’t waste that great “sale price.”

That little beauty (in the video) is really impressive. Not pumping periodically to keep it going is a huge plus. Can you tell if that’s a mantle on the bottom, or is that some sort of glass globe? Regardless, very nice!