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Most of the time I will not link to a web forum where I harvest a good post from. The reason is that, along with a few good nuggets, many forums contain so much stupidity, that sending someone there ends up hurting them more than it helps. This is due to naïve readers giving equal validity and consideration to all ideas they see posted on a forum. Some people are not experienced enough to realize what is stupid and end up forming and perpetuating bad ideas because they don’t know any better. Then they bring their “wisdom” back to everyone here and get them off track. My aim is to stop that where I am able. It is just as easy to read 4 or 5 paragraphs that I cut and paste here as it is to follow a link to another forum and read it there.

Regarding the authors comparison of viciousness in hold-up men vs. soldiers:
I will politely disagree with your assessment. The original author is accurate in his statement comparing the disregard for life and viciousness of hold-up men to soldiers. Many people become soldiers for one reason or another. Some soldiers do not have – nor do they ever develop – a vicious disregard for human life. No violent criminal lacks a disregard for human life or viciousness – it is a job disqualification in and of itself.