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And one day we will all remember back to when the cult of Hillary started.

Daddy how did you become involved in the 2nd American civil war?

Was it when you got out of college and couldnt get a job because of the chain migration and sanctuary states for illegal criminals.

Was it the gun confiscation in Ny under the “Safe Act”. Register or become a felon under President Schumer.

Did you mortgage your house to invest in the bitcoin bubble. Bigger,than the Tulip bubble scheme.

When you stopped watching the fake news because the legal system was corrupted by the FBI working for the cult of Mueller.

Just stay out of trouble. Nah not possible anymore. Al Gore’s big floating marble in space is having an apocalypse. Survive if you can, die if you can’t.

Daddy. who burned Los Angeles to the ground. Was it the Jihad? The Bangla Daesh in the attack on the NYC Port Authority did say the President couldn’t protect his own country. Message to the people? Maybe he was right.

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