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Thank you Malgus, and my respect to you! I’m lucky to have had an incredible career as an officer, and am lucky to still teach to great people! Out of everything I’ve learned, I always go back to basics and try to get that out to everyone.

Here’s the link to the Viking Sling. Just the original, because their company has grown, along with their product line.
This is a two point sling, and mount with a half twist, so you can get into a hasty sling position and the sling will stay flat across the back of your hand. Viking Tactics shows the way they use it in this vid, but we adapted it more for a tight carry diagonally on the back and muzzle down, velcro strapped to our belt. That way it didn’t move or make a sound and we could run fast and far. When getting to target, just swing it around and use the hasty position, not the way they use it around their back. That way, or a three-point sling which effectively ties the rifle to you can be very dangerous in a close combat situation.

The M1907 is an awesome, old school, incredibly durable sling that I’ve used on a Garand. Loved it, but after using the Vtac, I am spoiled.

Thanks Selco, I try to get people away from confusing, useless terms. And you have some good points of thought, Whirlibird.