Living in socialistic system is huge topic, I could tell you a lot about it.
One thing here is important I think-even here people often “cry” for a socialism, but reason for that could be that actually situation today in some fields is worse then it was for example in communistic Yugoslavia in 1975.

I also remember some things being better then here then today. But it is about post war society here (and waiting for next war).

It is important that I also remember singing songs for “Great leader”, religion being almost banned, absence of freedom of speech, secret communist prisons, rows of people early in the morning in front of the stores waiting for “rare articles” (like milk, cooking oil) “one party-one leader” society…

There are places here, like some prisons (for the “enemies of state”) that even today 28 years after fall of communism have “spooky aura”, and people do not want to talk about it too much.

My humble opinion is that people who most talk (and wish) for socialism-communism that was in practice are actually do not have clue how that look in reality.

And that is dangerous.