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tweva Thank you for the image of your garden. I do have some ideas to hide the garden but I live in a City called Coral Gables. The City is right next to Miami on one side, West Miami and South Miami on the other side so it is were homes are close together so I know the first six months in a SHTF will be hell with a lot of people that have guns but no food saved. They will hit the stores first but that will be the first week. After that they will go house to house looking for the food that we saved and prepared for.

I think that out of 100 houses maybe 5 are prepared the others do not think that they need to. They do not believe anything will ever happen. In the City out of 100 houses 90 have guns so here is the problem waiting to happen.

The first six month you have to not go out much, stay in the house with all my family members doing 24 hour lookout.

I am prepared for 20 person food for one year, water for two months and I do have a hand well and two 55 rain barrels too. I am working on many other things. I am saving seeds that do grow in South Florida that I have tested.

You do not want to be out to much in the first 30 days.