Your deputy neighbor’s plan is simple: kill you (family, etcetera) and take whatever you’ve stockpiled. Well, maybe not you, but someone who has whatever they need.

I hate to put it that way, but think about it. Someone’s stockpiling ammo, because they know ammunition will get them whatever else they might need. Need water? Shoot the person who has water. Repeat as needed.

They might not be calculating the minutia of their actions that they’ll undertake once things go bad, but once they DO figure out that no one’s ready to take their order at the McDonald’s drive-thru, they’re going to do some very simple math: “Well, I have all this ammo and I sure am thirsty…”

Or, you know, whatever it might be: cheeseburgers, shoes, etcetera.

“You know how the first generation are warriors, and then the second generation become farmers, and then the third generation become inventors and creators, and then by the fifth generation they’r