Respect to you, one old school shooter to another.

The fact that I cited us practicing the PG drill in the late 90’s does not mean that that would be the first thing I tried for. I am well aware that a round to the coconut is pretty much a game-ender.

So you have an idea of my skill set, I will flesh in some of the details I was passing over on purpose. I tend to like anonymity, but I will be as specific as I can without actually releasing my DD214 or home address and phone number…

I ended up in a protective services detachment in Europe for a few years. Not going to say who our principal was. We cross-trained with 1/10th SF out of Panzer Kaserne and their German counterparts, the KSK, on a regular basis. We didn’t have a specific budget for ammo – it was pretty much open-ended. If we needed more ammo for some reason, our principal signed off on it and it happened. If we weren’t working a detail, at some school or at home, we were shooting. Even though I was Army, I went though Target Interdiction at a certain Marine facility in Virginia. I’ve been in my share of funhouses and have used sims. The Secret Squirrel gig was mostly mind-numbing, soul crushing boredom, but we did have the opportunity to go through some fairly high-speed schools and play with some nice toys. After I separated, I kept up my skill set with the long gun – still do.

First thing I did after separation was head West to attend ‘smithy school for a few years to learn how to build rifles – good ones. The only thing I can’t do is actually cut the rifling in a barrel. Other than that, if I can think of it, I can make it. I also roll my own ammo. I’m guessing that you have a pedigree similar to mine.

All that said, if I can see you – any part of you – then I will hit you. Shooting a bad guy anywhere other than center mass or in the coconut will have an effect on him. Like I said before, it might not take him completely out of the fight, but I’m not going to pass up a doable shot by waiting on the ‘perfect’ shot…

As far as the PG “myth” is concerned, I thank you for the info. All that is probably post-2000, which is when I separated, and frankly I didn’t really keep up with that side of the house… I’ll stick to failsafe drills. A controlled pair to center mass and one in the coconut… lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1